Are you open for business?


In this century, most people will not be searching for a product or service in a phone book, or newspaper…
they will be searching on the internet.
Makes sense that’s where you need to advertise your business.
Inform potential customers of your experience, training, licensing as applicable, and share customer feedback…
all on your website!

Word-of-mouth referrals are nice and often complimentary.
However, it’s also important to give potential customers firsthand information about your business.
Your website helps them evaluate their options for a product or service.

During the last 10 years, I have exercised the creative side of my brain with photography work, and website design.
At the same time I started-up several new vacation rental home businesses
for property owners in western North Carolina.
In the process of these start-up businesses it was necessary to design websites, so I became a “one stop shopping” source.
The website design work also evolved into designing websites for existing local businesses who did not have a website.
The addition of a website for those individuals’ products or services significantly impacted the growth of their business.

When I design a website it is a process of obtaining information about your product or service,
selecting a page theme, organizing the pages with factual and accurate information, creating forms, inserting links, & adding audio and visual effects.
Ultimately, I want your website to be user friendly, providing as much information as possible to help someone choose you for whatever their need may be.

It’s almost unheard of these days to operate a business without a website.
Why would you want to do this?



 I have designed websites for these businesses:


general contractor

home/business moving service

well driller

Christmas tree farm

sporting clay shooting range

quail hunts on private land

vacation rentals

and more.





your website is the road leading people to your business


A typical website includes these 4 basic pages:

(or other content to suit your specific business needs):

home page– providing an overview of your product or service

about us– information about you and your business, your education, experience, training as relevant

product or service– details of what you do or sell in your business

contact page– fill-in-the-blanks contact form used by potential customers & sent to you in an e-mail

Additional pages can be customized  (for an extra charge) to suit your specific business needs.




  • I describe the service that you provide, or product/s that you sell. This information is vital to attracting new customers, and also reminding former customers that you’re “still here”, and any inform them of any changes/additions to the services you provide, or new products that you offer.
  • I often use photographs from my inventory that correspond to, or enhance your business as it’s portrayed on your website. Sometimes stock photos can be used, or my clients provide photos if they are of good quality, and aren’t outdated, etc.  Photos can be displayed as slideshows, and/or individually throughout the site. They can be individually captioned to describe what is being illustrated, too.  If you provide a service I think it’s important to have photos of a “work-in-progress” such as at a job site, or a slideshow tour if maybe you own a vacation rental. If you sell a product, of course, people want to see what they are searching to buy, and quality photos are important to presenting your product to them.  I can take custom photos of you, and/or your products with my DSLR cameras for an extra fee. I believe these are more appealing and representative of your business than stock photos; which are usually easy for a viewer to identify, and they lack the personal affect.
  • Music and/or sound effects are found throughout my websites to hold the viewers attention while they are browsing the information about your service or product. They also are an extra special effect that makes your website unique, however, they are optional.  There is a control on each page to allow a viewer to mute the audio. I select audio features that don’t tend to distract from what your viewers are reading on a specific page.

To view a printable price sheet, and links to websites click below:



    Please e-mail or call me to discuss your specific website needs.

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