I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where life is definitely at a slower pace than the city!
 Since relocating to the mountains from central Florida, I have initiated a few endeavors that keep me occupied
including offering photography services, and website design..
Providing these services affords me the freedom to engage the “creative” side of my brain!
Also, operating my “solo person” real estate firm keeps me interacting with people on a daily basis.
So, take a tour through my website
(that I designed) for a glimpse at the services that I offer…

only in the mountains!



  If you’re searching for a photographer for your wedding, see my gallery on the
Wedding photography” page. You’ll also find detailed information about this service.

2018- December 16
BOOKED: Bowen-Nieves wedding in Virginia



For other occasions requiring photography services, see Photo Galleries page for many photos,
and information about the occasions that I photograph.
You may also just enjoy viewing photos of landscapes, things, and specific places!




PHOTOS from my recent trip to THAILAND & LAOS



Website design

Blue Ridge Mountains in NC

If you have a need for a website,
view Website Design page for more information.
You’ll also find links to websites that I’ve designed.





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