I believe that knowing the experiences that others have had with me is helpful to you
when selecting a photographer.

These are some of the comments that I’ve received after
I photographed couples who saidI do!



LORI 8 (Copy)Susan was absolutely AMAZING. My husband and I got married in a secluded cabin in Asheville. She went to the cabin prior to our arrival to get ideas for pictures. It rained on our wedding day so she was kind enough to come out the next day to take outside pictures. It was like working with an old friend. The pictures were absolutely gorgeous and I will definitely use her in the future, and recommend her to anyone. Her personal touches and tiredness only made the event more memorable for us.”

Chad & Lori

                                North Carolina



IMG_0351 (Copy)

“We are so happy that we chose you to photograph our wedding. 

Thank you so much for everything that you did, all the time you took, and even the little things you thought of. 

You have an amazing eye… are ecstatic about what you have done”.

Carter & Shaina







Fabulous work!!!! Brilliant photography!!! 

Sue has the ability to think outside the box… 

She is patient, accommodating, and goes above and beyond.”

Lois W.




CATHY 17 (Copy)



“I feel so blessed to have found Susan to photograph our wedding. She was a delight to work with, and her gentleness and patience were an added bonus. Not only do we have amazing pictures to remember this occasion, but she was also able to capture the accompanying emotions of the day.”

Cathy G.






IMG_0256 (Copy)


This couple came from Glasgow Scotland to be married in Orlando Florida.

Susan renewed our faith in Americans”.

Paul & Paula
Glasgow Scotland

Somewhere in Time- Giovanni