an afternoon on the Mekong River- Laos looking towards Thailand

I‘ve photographed extensively where I live in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains in
Murphy North Carolina simply for my enjoyment.

The unsurpassed beauty found in the mountains, remnants of homesteads, and wildlife
are typical subjects seen through my lenses.

In 2017 and 2019, I traveled beyond the mountains and outside of the U.S. to
Bangkok Thailand, and Savannakhet Laos…
cultures that are so vastly different from the U.S.!
You’ll find a slideshow of photos from that trip below. 






Kent Island, Maryland


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Savannakhet & Vilabouly Laos

March 2019

Savannakhet is a city in the Savannakhet Province of Laos. It is located on the Mekong River, and has practically no English speaking people. It is common to see markets along the river with clothing and food.  Fishing is popular as evidenced by the amount of fishing boats along the bank.

Vilabouly is about 4 hours from Savannakhet and is a remote, and in areas quite primitive village.  No one speaks English in this area which is accessed by dirt/clay-like roads which are often very rough.  It is not unusual to see areas being swept for unexploded ordnances (bombs) from the Vietnam War… all these years later. I witnessed that firsthand as seen in a couple photos below.  There are thousands of acres of rice paddies throughout the Savannakhet province.  In March, I saw that the paddies are burned out, but when they grow again later in the year when they are a beautiful green.

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Around the Blue Ridge Mountains


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Pow Wow 2018

Cherokee NC

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   Bangkok Thailand


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People- including street photography

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Civil War Re-Enactment

Hot Springs NC


This was one of my favorite events to photograph!

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Note:  the photo of the re-dedication of the A-4 fighter jet was also a
reuniting of two pilots that flew together
in Vietnam.
Re-dedication in 2009 at National Vietnam War Museum, Orlando FL

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