My interest in photography began over 50 years ago as a teenager growing up in Florida.  Working part time jobs allowed me to save money to buy my first camera which was a Minolta 35mm film camera.  I used it for many years but a few years ago I passed it on to my son who also has an interest in photography. But, I still use the same shoulder strap on my Canon camera all these years later!

After retiring from a 25 year career in public service I began to promote my photography services photographing small weddings, families, children. I considered myself as someone who could photograph special occasions better than the “aunt with a disposable camera ” but not as good as the expensive professional photographer… somewhere in between. 


By now digital photography became the norm and I developed a preference for Canon cameras which I still use today.



In 2010 I escaped the fast paced life of the city and moved to the peace of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


Having a desire to be part of happy times in people’s lives I continued to offer photography services. But, instead of beaches now the mountains were often the background for weddings.  I’ve continued to photograph weddings in traditional settings such as churches and in casual settings such as backyards. And, even though I’ve photographed large weddings I decided that my focus is to only offer services for smaller weddings… 50 or less people.


In addition to photographing small weddings as a service, I continue to photograph people and scenery in the US as well as during my ongoing trips to Southeast Asia- Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam for enjoyment.



For many years I have attended Native American Pow Wows in Cherokee North Carolina and Orlando Florida.   I’ve taken thousands of photographs at the pow wows.




In 2017 I made my first trip outside of the US and have now as of 2024 made five trips to Southeast Asia.  During these trips I’ve had the opportunity to photograph sunsets behind the Mekong River and over the Adaman Sea in Thailand. They were phenomenal sunsets and can be seen in my photo gallery.  But, more intriguing have been my trips into remote villages in Lao where I have interacted with people who very rarely (in some instances… never) have seen an American.  Capturing the expressions on their faces are some of my best photographs.


Ban Kok Mak- Laos